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Firstly, welcome! We are so happy you have found YES!, and we hope that its accompanying mailing list proves a valued resource for you in your endeavours as an early career feminist geographer. Please read below for information on what the purpose of the YES! mailing list is and who it is intended to serve. 

What is the purpose of the YES! Mailing List?

The purpose of the YES! listserv is to provide a safe, welcoming, and inclusive space for early career feminist geographers (and those working in related fields) to find support, request feedback on work, and reach out for networking opportunities. See below for a sample of appropriate use for this listserv:

  • Looking for feminist geography conferences (or any conferences focused on gender/sexuality/masculinities & other related areas to feminist geography!) in your area/region

  • Posting feminist geography-related conferences/opportunities (including related topics as above)

  • Looking for good journals to publish in, including journals that provide writing support to those who are not native English speakers

  • Posting calls for papers

  • Feedback on a prepared presentation or research proposal

  • If you have a feminist geography-related blog you’d like to share with a larger audience 

  • Postdoc/job opportunities

  • Ideas of senior faculty that might be useful to talk to

  • Seeking support/solidarity when feeling isolated/deflated as an early career feminist geographer—don’t forget, you are not alone!

Who are the Members of the YES! Mailing List?

People just like you! Early career feminist geographers—this could include those at the undergraduate, graduate, or postdoc level, and folks in their early years of a faculty position. We wholeheartedly welcome people from the Global South to participate in and make use of this listserv, as well as those passionate about feminist geography but not currently working in a geography field or in academia.


Senior scholars and established faculty (beyond the co-chairs of YES!) will likely not be on this listserv, but those on this listserv can help you connect with these folks as well.

  Our Code of Conduct


The YES! listserv is about supporting one another, being inclusive of people from all walks of life, and building solidarity by making connections between groups of people. This listserv is about holding each other up as valued feminist geography colleagues and reminding one another that we’re not alone!


Therefore we ask everyone participating on the listserv to do so from a place of honouring and respecting these values, and compassionately holding others accountable to do the same.


Second, to make this listserv a rich exchange of ideas and support, we ask that those joining this listserv actively participate in that exchange. That is, you are welcome (and encouraged!) to reach out to listserv members for support, for feedback on your work, etc. But please return this favour by responding to other’s request for the same.


NOTE: This listserv is run entirely by volunteers (co-chairs and/or steering committee members of YES!) on varying time zones. Please expect a response within 3-5 days.


Additionally, mediation will be kept at a minimum, and provided only when necessary. However, if there are instances of discrimination or stigmatising that occur without prompt action from the mediators, please contact the co-chairs immediately.

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