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The Commission on Gender and Geography of the International Geographical Union is an active group with 750 members from 53 different countries in all parts of the world. The Commission has an active program in many countries, organising one or two meetings each year and expanding its intellectual network through academic publications, newsletters and the website.

The overall mission of the Gender and Geography Commission is to create a comfortable platform for people to exchange ideas concerning feminist and gender studies in geography; present and discuss new research on these issues; and create collaborations in research and other academic work among students and scholars working on these themes.


2020 - 2024 Central Theme

Care, Connection and Change

The theme highlights the need for geographers to consider an ethics and ethos of care due to the ongoing challenges of unequal power dynamics such as sexism, homophobia, transphobia, racism, ableism, and so on. The Commission has a crucial and caring role in fostering mutuality, wellbeing, support and mentoring. This can be achieved by establishing and maintaining strong connections transnationally and across a range of spaces and places. We will focus on instigating positive and transformative change to create geographies of inclusion in the discipline and with communities that we serve. This will be achieved by forging co-productive and critical research collaborations.

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